Because what's better than giving yourself a full-body oil massage?

As mentioned in the post on pitta dosha*, Abhyanga is a practice that benefits all body types based on the type of oil used. It is a deeply rejuvenating process that has multiple advantages.

Top 5 reasons to practice Abhyanga

  1. Enhances blood circulation

  2. Strengthens the body

  3. Builds higher stamina

  4. Improves eyesight

  5. Promotes deep sleep

Procedure: warm your oil (you don’t want it to be too hot) and find a comfortable spot

  1. Crown of the head

  2. Face (forehead, temples, cheeks, jaw, and ear[lobes])- use an upward, clockwise motion when massaging any part of the body

  3. Limbs- long strokes

  4. Joints (elbows and knees)

  5. Chest & abdomen- massage along the path of your large intestine

  6. Feet

Allow the oil to soak in for around 10 minutes. Then, wash off. Keep the use of soap and your towel to a minimum.

I encourage you all to also enjoy the bliss that is Abhyanga!

*For more about doshas, visit “What is Ayurveda” or learn about Kapha here and Vata there.

Source: Sandhiya Ramaswamy. “The Benefits of Ayurveda Self-Massage “Abhyanga.”” https://chopra.com/.