#DoshaDiaries - The Fiery #Pitta

Love me tinder, love me true

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in the prior article (promise to be more consistent!), pitta is one of the tridoshas that relates to metabolism. It also plays a role in body temperature and hormones.

If an individual is pitta-dominant, the fire inside sometimes gets the upper-hand and results in the dreaded “hangry” syndrome.

*Hangry = hunger + angry

This is a classic sign of a pitta person. Pitta dominance is not all bad, though. The fire that sparks inside correlates to radiance and ambition. To hone in on this passionate energy, the biggest determinant factor is how you eat.

Preferred diet:

Try eating- avocado, rice cakes, SOFT cheeses; legumes, lentils

Avoid eating- grapefruit, pineapple, GREEN grapes; radishes, turnips

Pitta people are naturally “fired up,” so it’s best for them to engage in a “cooling” lifestyle such as consuming plant-based milk or taking dips in a body of water!

As digestion is the main function of this dosha, imbalance may result in GERD, skin irritations and/or liver issues.

Pittas highly benefit from abhyanga, an oil massage technique. Based on the oil and herbs used, it is a remedy for other dosha types as well. More on this practice in a later post.

Source: Lad, Vasant. The Textbook of Ayurveda, Volume One. The Ayurvedic Press: Albuquerque, 2002.