Episode 4- Dosha Diaries, Part 1

A trilogy for the ages...


Welcome back to The “A” Vibe!

This lunar cycle’s installation was narrated by my best friend and med school student, Megha. She is currently in the 3rd year of her allopathic program, yet has been very supportive of the team’s endeavors here at Ayurverita.

In today’s article, Dr. Shah is talking about doshas aka body types. Specifically, we discuss the Vata archetype...

I might be getting ahead of myself (or behind depending on when you joined the Ayur-venture), but check out this dosha quiz I created based on standardized and valid online sources.


Mostly A- You are an earthy Kapha!

Mostly B- You are a windy Vata!

Mostly C- You are a fiery Pitta!

Please stay tuned for the rest of this series in the near future and thank you for listening to our podcast shorts :) The manuscript, along with a citation of the information source is available for perusal here

Happy Navratri!