Happy Veg-anuary 2021!

Discover your doshic proportion and take the pledge to eat vegan!?

Welcome back and happy 2021 everyone :) Although this year is already off to a rocky start, there are many ways to take back control. Starting with ditching dairy…

Ayurvedically, of course!

In the spirit of January, I am going vegan for the first time ever. This pledge is an excellent opportunity for me to detox and start the new year right, especially after a crazy holiday season. After signing up, I received meal plans and recipes but was unsure about what to make first. I soon realized that this is because veganism isn’t necessarily a “simple fix”.

Ayurveda recognizes the importance of eating food (vegan or otherwise) that is ideal for one’s body type, aka dosha. Optimal nourishment stems from understanding one’s dosha and customizing healthy habits accordingly.

So in the spirit of the holidays, I created a dosha quiz based on standardized and valid online sources.

Throughout the month, I will also post lunch ideas, tea blends and other ways to nourish your unique dosha ratio.

Cheers to the new year 💃🏾


Mostly A- You are an earthy Kapha!

Mostly B- You are a windy Vata!

Mostly C- You are a fiery Pitta!