#HerboftheHour - #Fenugreek

It's all fenuGREEK to me!

Fenugreek is a clover-like herb that is commonly referred to as methi by most South Asians.

Clinical trials show that this herb may benefit individuals who have diabetes by effectively reducing blood sugar. Based on a study done in 2018, “fenugreek seed[s]… exhibit insulin-sensitizing effects in tissues.” There was “significant improvement in glucose tolerance, especially in patients with impaired glucose responses.”1 In other words, fenugreek helps insulin do its job, which is to absorb glucose (digested food in a simple sugar form) from the bloodstream and deliver it to the muscles and other body parts that need the energy. In addition, a 2016 meta-analysis which consisted of 10 articles about fenugreek’s therapeutic properties demonstrates its ability to possibly decrease total cholesterol as well.2

The herb is high in iron and therefore may be helpful for any women’s health issues. In fact, there is documented evidence of fenugreek’s potential to help increase breastmilk production after having a baby.3

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