I'm so sorry

Hello everyone,

Hope you have been happy and healthy during this tumultuous time. I want to start off by apologizing for my absence these past few months. As we know by now, COVID-19 has been an unpredictable beast. And even though everything is still up in the air, there is something that I hope you can look forward to— Ayurverita.

This time, however, we are doing things a bit different :)

*Drum roll* please…

I am officially starting my own podcast! The A Vibe will be a fun yet informational series where we can explore the wellness world with gurus of integrative health from around the globe.

Also, I hope you all remember Om and Nitya; my cousins from Canada. They’re a bit older now and evermore interested in learning about Ayurveda. We therefore humbly request that you join us on our journey through the cosmos of podcasting by tuning in to “The [A] Vibe’s” first episode this Friday!!!

I have BIG plans, Ayurveritans, so please do stick around :)

Love & light, always

Dr. Sindhu(ra) J; PharmD, RPh


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