Medicinal Teas of Ayurveda: #Ginger Tea

Veg-anuary style!

Drinking tea in the morning is an excellent way to start every day.

Similar to CCF, this kashayam is beneficial for all three doshas. And like turmeric, ginger comes from the plant’s the rhizome or rootstalk.1

I love having ginger in the morning, especially in the winter, because it has so many benefits. This includes cleaning the body’s inner transport system or srotas. However, I don’t treat myself to it everyday because I’m pitta dominant and so it aggravates my agni.2 The tangy sweet/spicy flavor along with its warming qualities is perfect during the cold season.

How to make:

  • Boil water with minced ginger

  • Strain & enjoy! I added a jasmine green tea bag* but you can also steep with turmeric when boiling

Honey is not vegan but can be added to the tea AFTER it cools down from hot to warm. This is because heated honey is difficult to digest and can therefore create more ama (stick buildup in srotas), which would be counter-intuitive.3 Therefore, it is advisable to wait for some time until after the tea’s temperature goes down.

Fun fact: using ginger during a bath is also an option👀

*Not sponsored, just have a couple bags lying around at home!

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