Medicinal Teas of Ayurveda: #Kashayam

Sip on some #CCF

Having digestion problems lately? Feel like you need a detox? I’ve got just the solution for you!

Based on a prior article about the six rasas of Ayurveda, kashaya is the Sanskrit word for astringent taste. Accordingly, Kashayam is a spice blend designed to extract out any undigested buildup of food, otherwise known as ama.

Although it is not a popularized concept in Western healthcare, ama is considered the root cause for all disease. Ama is essentially a sticky waste product that can enter your bloodstream from the colon and travel to various parts of the body in order to serve as breeding grounds for future illness. This buildup may occur due to overeating, eating the wrong type of food and/or a weak digestive system.1

This is where Kashayam comes in! CCF stands for cumin, coriander & fennel and is one of many medicinal teas. These three spices are not only excellent digestive aids but can also help with a variety of ailments such as reducing overall inflammation.2

How to make:

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