#Op-Ed - Om's Thoughts on #Ayurveda

Now presenting... my 12-year old cousin!

Happy Friday everyone :) Today’s post is a bit different from the usual content. Featured below is a piece of writing by my Canadian cousin. Om and his 7-year old sister Nitya have shown a profound interest in my journey towards understanding Ayurveda and thus have embarked on their own adventures in the field! As my shishyas, they have helped me with compiling information for some of my articles. Aspiring to be healthcare professionals themselves one day, Nitya and Om have tremendous potential and have already made me so proud. So without further ado, please enjoy!

Ayurveda was discovered in India and is mostly practised there, but that doesn’t mean it is just for Hindus. Like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda is also a healing practice. Ayurveda is a way to protect your body from illnesses like cancer or any other health-related problems and reduces the need for “drugs”. 

While western or allopathic medicine is good in certain situations like treating an infection, it is mainly used to manage disease symptoms. For example, if someone is experiencing knee pain and taking painkillers, issues can arise once again if something aggravates the condition. Ayurveda and other traditional eastern practices not only aim to reduce illness severity but can also prevent the issue from returning. It is a way to heal your body with your body by targeting the source of dis-ease.

Ayurveda is a wonderful way to take charge of your inner Shakti and make your body its own medicine!