#PowerofPranayam - #Ujjayi

The breath of victory!

Pronounced “oo-jai”, this type of pranayama is truly empowering and uplifting. Ujjayi can help relieve stress, sharpen the mind, and regulate overall body heat.1 It is one of the simplest yet most effective breathing techniques!

How to:

  • Sit cross-legged, hands on the knees with palms facing up and eyes closed. (Unlike other types of pranayama, one can use Ujjayi breathing when practicing asanas)

  • Slowly inhale through the nose

  • Gently constrict the throat in order to create some “resistance” (like when you whisper)

  • Slowly exhale with the mouth closed

  • Repeat as many times as necessary (but at least three times in total will do)

Fun fact: this pranayama goes by the name “ocean breath” as well because the movement of air out the throat is similar to how waves sound.2

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