Aug 27, 2021 • 23M

The "A" Vibe: Episode 2- Dr. Marina Buksov, the evidence behind natural medicine

And what exactly is a Blue Zone Diet?

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The "A" vibe is for anyone looking to lead a healthier and ultimately happier life! As a registered pharmacist based in New Jersey, I am looking to interview functional healthcare gurus in order to get the best insight on holistic tips and tricks for All.
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“…many individuals have the capacity to make it well into the early 90s and largely without chronic disease.”

Dear Ayurveritans,

Before we get into the article, I would like to apologize for the delay in the release of our second episode. The world feels like it has not only turned upside down but also inside out. My mental health has taken a toll but I am (slowly) working on building myself back up again. Thank you for the unwavering patience and understanding :)

The moment has finally arrived!!! Our first guest episode is here! I am so proud to present this beautiful creation to the world, and hope everyone thoroughly enjoys.

First, a little bit about our speaker…

Marina Buksov is a registered Doctor of Pharmacy, Health Coach, Clinical Herbalist, and lifelong learner of the Healing Arts. She is the creator of Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice course mentoring other healthcare professionals in clinical herbal as well as business skills. She is also a functional medicine pharmacist as part of PharmToTable telehealth platform.

In our conversation, Dr. Buksov and I discuss a range of holistic topics. Particularly, she mentions the blue zone diet. This is a lifestyle cuisine that consists of a 90+% plant-based diet, with an emphasis on also beans and nuts. It has clinically shown to reduce the onset of chronic illness like diabetes and so on.

You can find Marina’s guide on how to give your medicine cabinet a natural makeover here!

As we go forward, the team and I are continuing to look for other insightful guests like Dr. Marina Buksov! But in the meantime we will be releasing audio recordings of previous posts such as #TheSpiceSegment. A big thanks to one and all for supporting our endeavor(s) <3


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