Sep 20, 2021

The "A" Vibe: Episode 3- Back to the Basics

Namaste & welcome to Ayurveda 101!

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The "A" vibe is for anyone looking to lead a healthier and ultimately happier life! As a registered pharmacist based in New Jersey, I am looking to interview functional healthcare gurus in order to get the best insight on holistic tips and tricks for All.
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Happy September, everyone! As students are headed back to school, we here at Ayurverita are hitting the books as well. I’ve been doing some research and realized that operating a holistic consultancy such as the one I aim to help establish is more complicated than it may seem…

Some time in the [near] future, the hope is to offer products and services that include but aren’t limited to courses on holistic therapy and its relationship with modern medicine. But in the mean time, our goal is to continue educating as many people as possible on the beauty of Ayurveda. Therefore, the team and I will be releasing audio versions of written posts according to the lunar cycle, as in on Pournami & Amavasya days. Our plan also includes writing more articles about ancient Indic health principles like oil pulling. Perhaps even get back into the YouTube world, who knows ;)

We are always in search of various traditional health perspectives. So if you’re interested in joining the adventure, please send us an e-mail :)

With heart(s) open—

Sindhura, Om, & Nitya

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