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As a healthcare professional, I am qualified to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Last month, I got my first dose. Here’s how it went…

When I got to the pharmacy vaccination site, one of the personnel checked me in, and I was escorted into line for the injection. I got there on time so I only had to wait a couple of minutes before I got the shot.

The pharmacist used an alcohol swab to clean the area above my deltoid muscle. He waited a few seconds for it to dry since doing so helps reduce pain during injection. I was vaccinated and then swiftly ushered into a 15-minute waiting area.

My side effects were generally mild. My arm was sore (obviously) and I felt achy/tired by night time. In subsequent days, there was bruising at the injection site. Overall, the first dose “went down” pretty well! My second dose is tomorrow (3/12/21), so I will keep a digital log of my experience and post it next week.

Most commercially available COVID-19 vaccines are intramuscular (IM)

Happy MahaShivratri!


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