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The science of yoga is, quite simply, the science of being in perfect alignment, in absolute harmony, in complete sync with existence. -Sadhguru, Inner Engineering

Jaggi Vasudev (alias Sadhguru) is a renowned mystic and spiritual guru who created Inner Engineering, an online course and book that bring to you the technology of yoga in an easily understandable way. He further states in the book, “…yoga is the science of creating inner situations exactly the way you want them.” 1 In other words, practicing yoga regularly provides not only physical and mental benefits but also spiritual.

The yogic experience is multifaceted but the main aspects are asanas (physical postures), dhyana (meditation), and pranayama (breathing techniques). Clinical research demonstrates that yoga can help with a host of health problems. Specifically, it can help with premenstrual symptoms like cramps as well as menopausal issues such as hot flashes. Yoga can also assist in managing the clinical manifestations of anxiety and/or depression, reduce back pain, neck pain and so much more! 2

Yoga is a relatively safe activity, where only the physical component poses a risk for injury. This is similar to any other “sport” like rock climbing or playing football. However, any serious damage is rare with most yogic practices.

One of the best parts about Ayurveda is its ability to promote wellness through integrative and holistic strategies. This is similar to another fairly popular healthcare system: osteopathic medicine. Also known as a DO, this type of doctor also typically believes in “[the] body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing” through yoga and other physical approaches. 3 It’s definitely exciting to see physicians in the West practicing preventative medicine!

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